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APM BV from Haaksbergen (NL) is one of the first and also one of the smallest companies in the EU, in the automotive sector, which is certified according to the IATF-16949 quality standard. In the past few weeks, Lloyds auditors have tested the processes within the organization. Extensive talks were also held with management and employees and APM now meets this standard.

The certificate was issued on March 30, 2018. Director / owner Guido Gerritsen is of course satisfied:

“From the start in 2007 we have succeeded in acquiring a stable market position in the automotive industry. In the meantime we produce 3.8 million plungers on an annual basis. We have succeeded, by constant  innovation every day, to fine-tune  our production processes. As a result, we can continue to produce well within the tolerances and quality levels. ”

“At the same time, we have minimized the margin of error in the production process. As a result, the error probability has become almost zero. That is precisely where the interesting aspect for the market lies: we can deliver the high-quality plungers at very competitive rates. ”

Precision grinding

“I now see that we have received the highest certification from Lloyds as a reward for our hard work. External experts who analyzed our processes have expressly left nothing to chance. They have specifically tested us for precision grinding, turning and drilling that we use within our processes and that we have fully automated. We also looked at how we process, assemble, pack and transport the metal components. ”

“But that was not only with regard to the test on this heavy quality standard,” continues Guido. “Our financial management, quality methods, safety on the work floor, the training and training of the employees, the quantity of rejections and waste and other critical performance indicators (CPIs) have also been thoroughly reviewed. All this has been documented in the quality manuals and these have been found to be in order. ”


But nothing is self-evident for the future. Guido Gerritsen also realizes that. This certification is valid until March 2021.

“Sitting still is not an option; the quality of our production lines – and the pursuit of even greater efficiency – remain high on the agenda. Every day we look at where profit can be achieved. We do a lot of research into this. We see it as our responsibility within the chain to continue to invest in this structurally. “

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