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It was a wonderful day at the open day, on Saturday 3 November, in Haaksbergen. Between 12 o’clock and 5 o’clock in the afternoon the APM team could look forward to the interest of over a 100 visitors who had come to the festive invitation. Of course all employees were present. Their partners and children (and even some other family members!) also had time to get acquainted with the recent developments at APM.

The day was therefore a great introduction for them! The family day should just become a good tradition.


Managing director Guido Gerritsen looks back on Saturday November 3 with a good feeling. “Of course I know that it is hard work here and that we must continue to improve ourselves. Product and process innovations are high on our agenda and I realize that we need a lot of input and effort from our employees in that area.”



“Earlier this year, for example, we went to England with the entire team. We visited one of our customers for the evaluation of our collective manufacturing processes and an informative series of meetings. If you are traveling for a day or four with the entire team, then I understand that our employees – who also have a family with children – should organize a few things on the home front as well.”

“And that’s why I took it for granted to invite that home front to us. Of course to thank them for their support. And, to show them what we do and how we work here.”


In addition to all the family of the employees, suppliers and local and regional entrepreneurs from Haaksbergen were also invited. “We want to expand our network further. You sometimes never know where surprising knowledge comes from. You can sometimes gain a lot of inspiration from other industries”.


Naturally, all visitors were given a tour of the factory building in Haaksbergen. The production process of the plungers thus got a face. Obviously there was entertainment for the children and the inner man was also taken good care of.


“Good employmentship is the basis for our success and our future ambition,” says Guido. “After all, our employees are our ambassadors. We cherish the knowledge they have built and we hope to encourage them to continue to do so. Sometimes this also happens outside normal working hours with courses and training. It is good to occasionally put a moment in the agenda where you can give something back in an informal way. Well, that’s what we accomplished with a successful family day on November 3rd!”

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