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Once again APM (Automotive Parts Manufacturing) based in Haaksbergen (Netherlands) has been certified according to the IATF 16949 regulations. Recently Lloyds’ auditors visited the plant to examine the industrial processes and procedures. Everything was found in order.

“It goes without saying that I am very pleased with the fact that we have received the highest level of certification. Just like last year,” says Guido Gerritsen, director/owner of APM. “I experienced that during their examinations the auditors took no chance – as we expect them to do – by asking us so many good and critical questions on how we produce and how we have designed our working processes.”


According to Guido this examination the auditors thoroughly examined the quality manuals, the level of safety on the workspot and the education and training of our employees. “Of course I felt confident before that we would pass this audit succesfully. At the same time it is always a moment of relief to receive the final confirmation that all the things we do are considered to be fine.”

“We think that this confirmation by Lloyds is the ultimate proof that we are on the right track in a branche that seems to be on a dynamic level as it has never been before in history. Now we all know that there are a lot of innovations on the agenda due to so many technological developments, which seems to have speeded up since Toyota decided to release almost 6.000 patents in hydrogen technology.”


“Of course it is interesting that Toyota took this decision, but on the other hand this does have great impact on our branche and on our company itself. Therefore we will also have to analyze our own level of technical innovation continually. And we need to find out where we can do better.”

“However, Lloyds’ audit confirms that we built the right basis. And that is the way how it should be; for the next few years therefore we can be very outspoken on our objectives. We have the ambition to develop more collaborations in the chain we are working in now. In all those meetups and conversations we are going to have, we can show and prove that our working processes are up to date and compliant to all the industry standards. For all our colleagues and competitors in the branche for sure this is defenitely a good starting point to create interesting and worthy collaborations.”


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