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Markets and proposition

APM focuses exclusively on the automotive industry market segment. The end clients for our components are the large, well-known car brands produced by manufacturers in Japan, Europe and the USA.

These manufacturers continuously develop new models in accordance with the strictest regulations and latest technologies, and thus guide the market for the suppliers. APM follows these developments closely, and anticipates demands from its clients in the same way. APM’s client target group consists of the suppliers of these car manufacturers, and specifically the Tier-1 supply companies that specialize in powertrain systems.
APM focuses its innovative strength on the following application areas:

  • Engine timing technology
  • Turbo-charging and boosting technology
  • Energy and power conversion

The APM is specialized in the mass production of components with the following properties:

  • High geometrical complexity and accuracy
  • High wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • High temperature resistance