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Innovation and technology

APM is constantly involved in the evaluation and innovation of production technologies. For both existing and new technologies, APM examines how and to what degree they are applicable for its customers, and goes to extreme lengths to implement the technologies.

APM has close relationships with the research departments of universities and materials manufacturers, such as ECN, Twente University and Sandvik Osprey. APM closely follows new developments and implements them wherever possible.

APM cooperates closely with the producers of manufacturing machinery, tools and raw materials. This leads to exceptional performance in regards to material properties, lifespan and durability, as well as better prices. Examples of this are the precision of grinding wheels for grinding and honing processes, and the life span of small drills for drilling hardened steel.

The innovations implemented usually lead to considerable functional improvements in components. At the same time, this leads to an optimization of designs, for more efficient fabrication- and assembly methods. All of this is done in close consultation with the customer’s engineering department.